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                                                          Full time Impressionist artist since 1995

                                International artist specializing in custom made paintings (COMMISSIONS)


The World Art Collectors Awards, American Art Awards and World Art Awards judges see Roelof as one of the World's best in 6 categories: Human Figure Impressionist, Landscape Impressionist, Landscape with Life (figures), Self Portraits, Animal Impressionist and Still Life Impressionist (interior) In the annual international art contests where artists from over 62 countries compete.


Roelof was born in 1957, and grew up in Benoni, near Johannesburg. A very versatile painter of figures, city and landscapes, street scenes, boats and harbours, architecture, interiors, portraits, restaurant scenes and gardens. He works mainly in oils, but also in mixed media. Roelof has travelled widely (Painting in Italy, France, Ukraine and USA)



  1979-1981    Studied at the Johannesburg School of Art gaining a 

                       National Diploma in Art and Design                 

  1982-1990    Employed by the Medical University of Southern Africa      

                       as graphic artist and medical illustrator

  1992             Started painting seriously on a daily basis

  1995             Successful full-time artist



  1988-2024     A total of 50 solo exhibitions at top galleries in Johannesburg, 

                        Pretoria, Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Cheltenham and Montreal 

  1999             Three-man exhibition at the Gatehouse Gallery, Glasgow

  1991-2014    Numerous group exhibitions in South Africa, London,

                        Cheltenham, Glasgow, Jersey, Galway, Armagh (N. Ireland), 

                        Miami and at the Broadway Gallery, New York



  In 2009 three of Rossouw’s oil paintings of South African landscapes featured as props in Clint Eastwood’s     movie ‘’Invictus’’. The Gallery representing his art, confirmed that two of the paintings returned to USA         with Mr. Eastwood.


  Roelof is a multiple annual winner at the American Art Awards since 2014 and regarded as ''One of the            world's best living artists'' as judged by 25 top galleries and art museums in USA

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